Music Production & Concept Writing


Conceptual piece of work looking into the psychology of self.

A 9-piece album with excerpts of speeches over instrumentals to structured around George Orwell's classic novel; an exposition into principal character - Winston Smith's philosophical outlook.

A Retold Tale from East to West

Track-listing and song snippets will be on a weekly basis from 07.July.2020

The similarities between eastern and western philosophy are greater than any differences cited by modern-day writers and lecturers on the topic. The most often cited difference is that western philosophy is 'fragmentary' while eastern philosophy is 'holistic'. 

The variety of topics will include personal identity, public ethics, the meaning of life, the relationship each person has with the universe, and more.

Release Date: 7th July 2020
07 July 2020
14 July 2020
Release Date

07 July 2020

Release Date: 7th July 2020